Signature dishes, destroyer Gods and Eperis


Not in the hands of the best bartender can you perform such a diverse mix and surprising element. A signature dish which is reminiscent to the Hindus in the name adds a new object of desire to the Malvarossa Porvasal Collection . Shiva is created by, eperis photographer, which presents the destroyer God redeemed at one of those evocative black and white geometric games other more private games which is so beloved of this magician and is captured in his pictures.

And this whim is one of the few forays outside their field for Peris, an eye reference for which has passed the most relevant of the Valencian society and culture and the rest of the country geographically. A symmetry dance which can be macabre or erotic . A mystical reference and a dreamer capable of converting a shadow into an artwork .

Rather than a destroyer God work eperis has much more creativity …»Mira como bailan, sandalia aquí, sandalia allá, soy un hombre nuevo, un renacido, un gran Jedi. Me siento tan ah, ah, ah… Es como un gran ah, ah, ah…«

Signature dishes, destroyer Gods and EperisSoyPhotos

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